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Enterprises with hazardous areas are by law obligated to ensure sufficient explosion protection. For companies in the European Union with hazardous areas this means they need to comply with the ATEX 137 legislation. All staff and other attendees working in or nearby hazardous areas must, at all times, be aware of the risks and specific regulations that apply to these areas. ATEX-EX 000 EX Awareness is a short e-learning training course on how to understand the nature of hazardous areas, the limitations on devices that may be taken into a hazardous area and the current Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) responsibilities and procedures related to hazardous areas. The training is completely online and very flexible. You can start whenever you want and choose your own pace.

Target group

You work for or at a company with or related to explosion hazardous areas, but you are not exposed to this hazard on a daily basis. Yet you are obligated to be aware of risks, current legislation and other regulations related to explosion safety. This e-learning training program is best suitable for managers, teamleaders and professionals working in staff departments, but also professionals such as painters and welders.

Goal and structure

You follow this online training course anytime and anywhere you would like. This way you are in full-control of your agenda and study pace. After this training course you have a basic understanding of the nature of explosive hazards and hazardous areas. Furthermore, you have gained a basic understanding of OHS responsibilities and procedures. You are now ready for an optional exam that gives you, when passed, the best possible evidence of competence in regard to national Labour legislation and international IECEx 05 criteria. Our Ex-training courses comprise all relevant national, European (ATEX) and international (IEC) standards and legislation. We are the largest and most experienced educator on the level of IECEx 05 and may look back to over 40 years of experience.

Preliminary training

There are no prerequisites for this training course.


This program is performed by ROVC. You will also be registered with ROVC and receive correspondence and materials from them.

ATEX Awareness e-Learning (EX 000 English)

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